Friday, 13 July 2012


The device varies in size and shape, but its design is fundamentally the same: stick (or pole ) supports central articulated rods (the whales ) through a sliding ring (or flowing ). When the ring is in the down position, the whales are completely flattened along the mast, when the ring is raised, the whales are deployed and blood behind the canvas in a circle around the pole.

The number of whales ranges from four (square umbrellas for use on outdoor markets) to eight or ten in general for umbrellas. They are distributed at regular intervals on the periphery of the mast.

Of umbrellas and parasols, the central rod has a handle at its lower end for better grip.

use umbrellas is rather stationary, the lower end of their mast is generally designed to s fitting it to a support or to be planted in the ground, so that a stroke of wind can not win.

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